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Weight Reduction Program

I am going to start a Weight Reduction Program starting Monday August 13.  Goal is to not only lose weight but to gain muscle mass.  Will continue with weight program.  Will do for 10 days, see how it goes, and ultimate goal is 30 days.  Will blog my activities and weight.  Will add whole food supplement to aid in my bodies new-found health.  Right now I am at 200 pounds, goal is to get to 170 pounds.  With my love for mexican food, I know this will not be easy.  Wish me luck and I will get back to all of you next Monday.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC

You Are Slowly Losing Your Rights! Read on…..

New legislation in Arizona is going to require you to see a medical doctor if you do not want to have your kids vaccinated.  Currently in Arizona, if you do not want your kids vaccinated, all you have to do is sign a personal waiver, and this will allow your kids to go to any public school, and legally gives you a waiver for no vaccinations.  As parents are becoming more aware of the dangers of vaccinations, the number of parents that have signed the waiver has doubled in the past ten years.  My guess is that pharmaceutical and medical doctors are losing a lot of money because of this.  Sue Brage, the executive director of the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics states: ” the intent is to start curbing the number of people who get exemptions.”  The law being proposed is by Rep.  Cecil Ash, R-Mesa, who introduced this bill at the last minute, just minutes before the deadline for new bills.  This law would require a parent who does not want to have their child immunized, go to a medical doctor to have the waiver exemption.  The bill does not allow parents to go to a Chiropractic physician, a Naturopathic physician or any other physician who generally does not agree with the current allopathic model of health.  Now lets be realistic.  Does anyone honestly feel that they could get the right guidence for their concerns about vaccinations when the only doctor they are allowed to see is one who thinks that vaccinations should be mandatory and who directly benefits financially from this decision.

This is just the beginning of Arizonans losing their rights.  What next?  If we do not vaccinate our kids, do parents go to jail?  Do we get fined hundreds, thousands of dollars?

Look for future blogs on this and other health concerns.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 520-290-8892 or call our office to attend our chiropractic or nutritional workshops.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC

Your Body is Made to Heal

I am continually amazed at how the body has the unique ability to heal itself once we recognize the importance of good nutrition and whole food supplements.  Our bodies our made to heal with good foods, but since most of our food is robbed of the nutrients by heat processing, enzymes taken out for shelf life, and the removal of important vitamins and minerals.  Our bodies slowly lose their ability to restore normal function to its organs.  Once we change our diet and add “Whole Food Supplements” our bodies slowly regain their normal activity.

Here is a great example of the change that can be made.  Cliff Burnette stated that before seeing us he had lower back pain, severe congestion, and had been suffering with chronic diarrhea since 1996.  He also stated he had depression and insomnia.

Since being on our nutrition program for 7 weeks, he states:  “I have been seeing Dr. Aragon about 7 weeks now.  My congestion is pretty much gone.  Bowel movements are almost normal and I’m sleeping better and I am not depressed.”

This patient’s results are what we are seeing in our office by carefully monitoring their diet, finding out what organs are weak and giving them supplements to strengthen their bodies.

Call our office to attend our Nutrition Workshop at 520-290-8892.  You also can follow me on Twitter @DrRichardAragon.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC

Patient Improvement on Nutrition!

This is a testimonial from SueAnn H. who provided this great letter to me on May 22, 2012.

When asked what she was like before she came to see us she states: “I was very depressed and wanted to sleep most of the time.  I was having problems with high blood pressure even after church which is supposed to be relaxing.  I am over weight which doesn’t help with any of these issues.”

“I started with the nutrition program on a Monday and went to see my general practioner on Friday for blood work.  I knew it wouldn’t be good.  The doctor told me when the test were back  in 2 weeks I would be put on another blood pressure medicine.”

“Just after a week on the nutrition program I had more energy and was up doing things around the house without a struggle.  I was also less depressed.  I continue to feel better, but the bonus was the following friday, when I got my Recheck at the G.P., I had lost 8 pounds and my blood pressure were so nice I didn’t need the extra medicine.”

It is so nice to see these amazing results that we are getting.  It is so simple.  So many people can be helped by what we are doing with our Designed Clinical Nutrition.  Call us at 520-290-8892 to attend our Nutrition Workshop.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC

High Protein diets may reduce Cancer and Tumor Risks!

This study was done in Philadelphia, PA.

Eating a low carbohydrate, high protein diet may reduce the risk of cancer and slow the growth of tumors already present, according to a study published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

The study was conducted in mice, but the scientist involved agree that the strong biological findings are definitive enough that an effect in humans can be considered.

“This shows that something as simple as a change in diet can have an impact on cancer risk,” said lead researcher Gerald Krystal, Ph.D., a distinguished scientist at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre.  Cancer Research editor-in-chief George Prendergast, Ph.D., CEO of the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, agree.  “Many cancer patients are interested in making changes in areas that they can control, and this study definitely lends credence to the idea that a change in diet can be beneficial,” said Prendergast, who was not involved with the study.

Krystal and his colleagues implanted various strains of mice with human tumor cells or with mouse tumor cells and assigned them to one of two diets.  The first diet, a typical Western diet, contained about 55 percent carbohydrate, 23 percent protein and 22 percent fat.  The second, which is somewhat like a South Beach diet but higher in protein, contained 15 percent carbohydrate, 58 percent protein and 26 percent fat.  They found that the tumor cells grew consistently slower on the second diet.

As well, mice genetically predisposed to breast cancer were put on these two diets and almost half of them on the Western diet developed breast cancer within their first year of life while none on the low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet did.  Interestingly, only one on the Western diet reached a normal life span (approximately 2 years), with 70 percent of them dying from cancer while only 30 percent of those on the low carbohydrate diet developed cancer and more than half these mice reached or exceeded their normal life span.

Krystal and colleagues also tested the effect of an MTOR inhibitor, which inhibits cell growth, and a COX-2 inhibitor, which reduces inflammation, on tumor development, and found these agents had an additive effect in the mice fed the low carbohydrate, high protein diet.

When asked to speculate on the biological mechanism, Krystal said that tumor cells, unlike normal cells, need significantly more Glucose to grow and thrive.  Restricting carbohydrate intake can significantly limit blood glucose and insulin, a hormone that has been shown in many independent studies to promote tumor growth in both humans and mice.

Furthermore, a low carbohydrate, high protein diet has the potential to both boost the ability of the immune system to kill cancer cells and prevent obesity, which leads to chronic inflammation and cancer.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC