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Headache and Migraine Relief

About 36 million Americans suffer from the debilitating headaches known as migraines, according to the Migraine Research Foundation. Women between the ages of 25 and 55 are the likeliest victims. Migraine headaches can last anywhere from a few hours to three days, drastically compromising individuals’ work, social, and family lives and often landing them in emergency rooms. Other issues may accompany the migraine such as nausea, visual disturbances, dizziness, tingling, and sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch. Many turn to chiropractors to give them headache and migraine relief.

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines often start on one side of the head, but may spread to both sides. Typically, the worst pain is around the sides of the forehead. Many sufferers experience what’s called an aura. This visual disturbance may manifest itself as a temporary blind spot, blurred vision, zigzag lines, or flashing lights. When a migraine occurs, sufferers likely feel irritable, depressed, and simply want to lie down in a dark and quiet room.

Causes of Migraines

Why do some people get migraines and others don’t? Researchers aren't sure. Genetics seem to play a part. When the migraine starts, blood vessels constrict, which can cause the changes in vision. Then the vessels dilate, flooding the brain with blood and ramping up the headache.

Triggers vary between individuals. Alcohol and certain foods such as chocolate, aged cheeses, or meals containing nitrates or MSG may launch a headache. For other people, crying, stress, odors, hormonal fluctuation, or loud noises can trigger migraines.

Headache and Migraine relief in Tucson

Some sufferers turn to chiropractors for headache and migraine relief. Spinal manipulations lessened the severity and frequency of attacks in some clinical trial participants, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Each individual's case is different and requires a thorough evaluation before a proper course of chiropractic care can be determined. However, in most cases of tension headaches and migraines, significant improvement is accomplished through manipulation of the upper two cervical vertebrae, coupled with adjustments to the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine. This is also helpful in most cases of migraine headaches, as long as food and lifestyle triggers are avoided as well.

If you suffer from migraines, call our clinic for migraine relief. A spinal adjustment could help your condition without the side effects of medications.

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