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Month: April 2018

I Thought I Ate Well…

Although deficiencies may be due to illness, it is likely that other factors may be contributing to the problem also, some of which may be contained in the food you eat every day.

A few factors typical of the “food” comercially available in all grocery stores and restaurants:


*Food Coloring

*Flash Freezing

*Hormones and Antibiotics (found in meat, chicken, etc.)

*Produce grown in soil that has been robbed of its nutrients

*Harmful chemicals and metals (such as pcb’s and mercury in some fish)

*Genetic engineering

*Synthetic additives


If any of these are involved in the creation or processing of your food, then what you are eating is really just “disguised” as food.  Not only does this “food” have insufficient nutritional value, it may also contain toxins which work agaisnt your body and your health.  In contrast, whole foods that have not been altered or contaminated contain genuine replacement parts as part of Nature’s design.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC

What Are “Whole Foods”?

“Whole Food” is defined as “food that has undergone very little processing and has been grown or produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers”.  A good example is carrots.  Carrots are rich in vitamin A complex.  A “complex” is something made up of different parts which work together.  Synthetic vitamins do not contain the whole complex ( as found in Nature).

If testing indicated a vitamin A deficiency, we would look for a whole food high in vitamin A complex ( and carrots would be a likely source).  A supplement rich in this complex would then be included in your program.  We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality whole food supplements available.

Whole food supplements are entirely derived from specific whole foods, organically grown and prepared in such a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins, making them the optimum vitamin-mineral products.

Now in incredibly concentrated form, your body can get complete nutrition from this small tablet!  By restoring the nutrition on which your body was founded, it is possible to enable your body to heal itself…just as Nature inteded.

Dr. Richard Aragon, DC

How Do I Know What Supplements Are Right For Me?

After I do an exam and identify the underlying reason your body is creating symptoms, I can isolate and verify the precise whole food supplements and quantities your body needs to resolve its problems.  Our goal is to have you take as few supplements as possible, with your body being fully addressed and restored at the same time.

Dr. Richard Aragon

Chiropractic Physician

Designed Clinical Nutrition

What is Disigned Clinical Nutrition?  It is especially for you, based on a specific plan.  We use Real Foods, as designed by nature, to enable the body to repair itself and become healthier.  After you receive your analysis, you will get a specifically designed nutrition program, based off the information your body provides.

Most programs include dietary suggestions ( as well as whole food supplements) to aid your body in healing itself.  Concentrated whole food supplements are used.  These have been prepared by a unique process that preserves all of the active enzymes and vital components.

Dr. Richard Aragon

Chiropractic Physician

Weight Reduction Program Day 4

Hello everyone.  It has been a couple of days since the disastrous Monday but things are looking up.  My wife has taken charge of the kitchen and is preparing the foods.  Honestly, I would have quit if it wasn’t for her, so thank you Lucinda.  I am eating juiced foods in the morning, with salad in the afternoon.  Lucinda made me a terrific carrot soup.  Now you wouldn’t think that this would be good, but she added avocado, ginger, salt and cayenne pepper and it was surprisingly very good.  I have not checked how much weight I have lost but I have already noticed my jeans are a little looser and my ring on my finger is looser.  I didn’t know that I could hold fat in my  I have been doing weights and I have noticed that I do not have the stamina I used to, so I did add a little protein to my diet.  We have a party on Sunday, so temptation will be great.  Wish me luck!

Talk to you next Monday with an update.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC