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What Does a Chiropractor Treat?

I have been a chiropractor for over 25 years and I have treated patients for a number of problems such as migraines, tension headaches, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica to name a few.  These symptoms that people come in for are just an alarm in the body telling you something is wrong.  Just like an engine light that goes on and you have to take it to a mechanic to find out.  The mechanic will plug it into a computer to diagnose the problem.  My job is to find out why are pain (alarm signals) are going on.  I do these 3 ways.  I will perform a palpatory exam to determine what is happening to the muscles.  Are the muscles spastic, guarding, swollen?  Is there imbalance to the muscles surrounding the spine?  I will do a computerized posture exam to determine any postural problems.  If the posture is not right then there will be an abnormal stress load to your spine and muscles.  I will then do a full-spine x-ray.  X-rays allow me to know what is happening to your spine.  Do you have any degermation, arthritis?  X-rays let me know how to adjust you.  Is there rotation to the spine, wedging, curvatures?  With these three exams I can determine what spinal problem you have and how to correct it.

Any questions, feel free to contact our office and schedule an appointment to see if you can be helped.


Dr. Richard J Aragon DC

Sports Injuries and Aging

As we get older, our brains remember what we were able to do during exercise when we were younger, but somehow our body forgets. As we hit our forties, our bodies begin to change and we lose the important minerals for healing and our soft-tissues become less elastic and more prone to injures. If you are like me, you wonder where the years have gone and remember how easy it was to get into shape.

What do most people do? We join a gym.  Start the cardio workout’s and hit the weights. This is where we forget that we are not in our 20’s or even our 30’s anymore. As you begin your exercise routine, you start to reshape the soft-tissues, but as you stress these areas, small injuries begin to occur. But since these tissues are not as elastic, the healing process takes a little longer. Because most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and with our diet that has a lot of sugar in it, our bodies are not able to adapt quickly enough to the new life changes we are trying to make. Soreness and fatigue will not seem to go away, and because we do not see the immediate changes to our bodies, laziness works our way into consciousness and we slowly stop the exercises.

When people start to work out, they are enthusiastic and eager and start at 3 to 4x per week, but because our body does not respond like it used to, most people slowly stop the workouts. When I am discussing an exercise routine with a patient, I always recommend that they start out at 1x per week for 4 weeks, then increase their routine to 2x per week for a month, then try 4x per week for a month. This gives them a little win for working out and slowly gives them confidence in what they are doing. It is ok to work out 2x per week, as long as you are doing something to give your body the necessary movement it needs.

It is important for patients to realize that flexibility will help reduce any type of long-term injury to the areas that are being worked out. I always recommend that they start out with a stretching routine to help loosen up the areas before beginning the workout. After the workout, if you have time, it is recommended that you stretch the areas that have been worked out for at least 10 minutes. This will help with the flexibility of the areas.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. We have two offices in Tucson. Our East side office is called Aragon Chiropractic and our number is 520-290-8892 and our Northwest office is called Accident Center of Tucson and that number is 520-887-2ACT (228). Or you can contact our office on our website at


– Dr. Richard J Aragon DC

Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment

When you are experiencing back, neck, and hip pain, you may find significant relief with a full body chiropractic adjustment. This treatment intervention involves working with qualified chiropractor who will diagnose and treat body pain with a drug-free, hands-on body manipulation. A Doctor of Chiropractic, or D.C., is a trained health care professional with broad diagnostic skills. In addition to providing body adjustments, chiropractors are also qualified to recommend therapeutic exercises and give nutritional advising. The most common chiropractic intervention is spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustment. This involves the precise application of pressure to joints primarily in the back, neck, and hips. The physical adjusting of joints helps adjust joints that have either become hyper mobile or, as is often the case, overly constricted in their movement. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to significantly relieve aches and pains as well as improve mobility.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Pain Relief

The most common reason to see a qualified chiropractor is to alleviate pain. There are many causes that lead to pain that a full body chiropractic adjustment can help relive. For example, single-incident traumas such as car accidents or sports injuries commonly lead to back and neck pain in particular. However, there are more subtle ways to develop pain such as inadequate standing or sitting posture and physically straining work. To combat such difficulties, your chiropractor will use specialized knowledge and training to do physical adjustments to the musculoskeletal make-up of your body. In addition, chiropractors use tools such as vibration therapy machines to provide instant pain relief and mitigate body tension.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Improved Mobility

In addition to relieving aches and pains, a chiropractic adjustment will improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. After a trauma and over time from day-to-day stress, the joints in your body become tense and out of place. A full body chiropractic intervention combats this harmful wear and tear by essentially resetting your muscles and skeleton to the proper alignments. The manipulation or adjustment affected joints and tissues from stress or injury will restores mobility. As a result, patients also experience relief from pain and muscle tightness, which allows tissues to heal. Chiropractic care to improve health and mobility is one the best choices since it is a drug-free, natural intervention. Countless studies have proved the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustment for improved health.

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor for You

When you are ready to choose a chiropractor it is important that you make sure he or she is qualified. Chiropractors undergo extensive training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). This title indicates they have completed the requisite training through an accredited institution and they have earned professional licenses to practice as a chiropractor. You will wan to choose a chiropractor with lots of experience and a positive reputation and track record with patients. If you live in Tucson, then Dr. Richard Aragon at the Accident Center of Tucson is an excellent choice for chiropractic care. Dr. Aragon has been practicing for nearly 30 years. He has helped thousands of people like you find relief from debilitating pain and improve overall health and functioning. If you are ready for the best full body chiropractic adjustment available, give Dr. Aragon a call today, and get the relief you deserve!


Top 5 Reasons You May Need a Chiropractor

Here we have compiled the top 5 reasons you may need a chiropractor. Making the decision to see a chiropractor for the first time leaves some feeling anxious. It is important to find a chiropractor with the expertise and qualifications to relieve pain and help you enjoy better health. If you are on the fence about whether a chiropractor is right for you, these five reasons will help you determine when it’s time to book an appointment. Once you know you’d like to see a chiropractor, you will want to choose one with the best training and reputation. Dr. Richard Aragon is a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) with almost 30 years of experience providing excellent chiropractic care. With scores of 5-star online reviews, you know Dr. Aragon is the reliable choice for effective chiropractic care in Tucson.

What is a Chiropractor?

Before exploring why you may need a chiropractor, you may want a better idea of what that means. Chiropractors specialize in the art of hands-on healing related to the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. In other words, chiropractors work with you to relieve physical pain and problems related to muscles and the skeleton. Chiropractors practice a physical, drug-free approach to health care. DCs provide patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Chiropractors have many diagnostic skills. However, one of the most common procedures is spinal manipulation, also known as a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic Physicians are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling. Working with a qualified chiropractor can help to relieve pain and improve your quality of life!

  1. Chiropractor for Back Pain

The number one reason to seek professional care from a chiropractor is–you guessed it–back pain. Chiropractors use their specialized knowledge of human anatomy and the nervous system, to use effective interventions to relieve back pain. Back pain can result from a single traumatic event, such as a car accident or an injury while lifting a heavy object. Back pain can also develop over time due from a variety of reasons such as poor posture, physically demanding work, or physical abnormalities like shortened leg lengths, among many others. Your trusted chiropractor will work with you to identify the problem and correct it to relieve debilitating back pain.

  1. Chiropractor for Neck Pain

The next most common reason to seek chiropractic care is for neck pain. The neck, or cervical spine, starts at the base of the skull. The neck contains seven small vertebrae and it supports the full weight of your head. The cervical spine has an incredible ability to move the head in almost every direction. Unfortunately, this mobility leaves the neck prone to injury and trauma. Neck injuries occur most commonly in car accidents when the neck absorbs sudden force resulting in a whiplash motion. Additionally, daily living can also impact the neck and cause tension, pain, and misalignment over time. The most common treatment for neck pain is neck adjustment, or cervical manipulation. This is a precise procedure in which the D.C. applies pressure to the joints of the neck by hand. A chiropractic neck adjustment can relive pain and restore range of motion and strength–often right away!

  1. Chiropractor for Joint Pain

While chiropractors most often work by adjusting the spine, hip, and neck, they are also trained to work with other important joints of the body. Often, your chiropractor will focus on adjustments to the spine to alleviate pain and improve mobility. However, they can also adjusts other joints to relieve tension and pain and improve overall functioning. Adjustments to the wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders may be made to relieve pain. Many patients find improvements in parts of their body that may seem unrelated to the point of adjustment. Because the body’s nervous system is intimately related to the spinal vertebrae, back adjustments can relieve other disparate bodily aches and pains. In addition, you can benefit from using a chiropractor for hip pain through hip and lower back adjustments.

  1. Chiropractor for Headaches

If you are suffering from a headache, your first thought might not be to get chiropractic help. But you’d be missing out on the incredible ability a chiropractor has to relive headaches. Nearly everyone suffers from headaches in one form or another. In addition, most headaches are related to muscle tension in the neck. That means your chiropractor can work with you through cervical and spinal manipulation to relieve headaches–often with instantaneous results! Chiropractors are also thoroughly trained to provide nutritional advice and ergonomics (body postures) work outs and relaxation exercises to improve health and prevent pain and injury.

  1. Chiropractor for Fatigue and Sleep Problems

Dealing with pain is a serious drain on your energy. When you notice a sense of sluggishness and fatigue related to back, neck, joint, and head pain, then you may find significant relief from a chiropractic intervention. In addition, if you have bothersome pains in those key areas, you may have trouble getting adequate rest at night. Back and neck pain in particular can impact our ability to sleep soundly and comfortably. So if your sleep is being affected, you likely will find great relief from a visit to a qualified chiropractor.

A Chiropractor You Can Trust

The Accident Center of Tucson is the chiropractic office of Dr. Richard Aragon. Here, you will work with one of the most qualified and experienced chiropractors in all of Tucson. Dr. Aragon has treated thousands of patients through the years. He has extensive training and experience relieving debilitating pain and helping people like you get back full strength. With scores of positive online reviews from satisfied customers and a sterling reputation as an effective chiropractic physician, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the very best care at the Accident Center of Tucson. Plus, we have a flexible schedule and both an Eastside and Northwest location for your convenience. Don’t leave your health in the care of just anybody. Call Dr. Aragon’s office today and get the best chiropractic care available.

Auto Accidents

If you or someone you love has been in an auto accident, you know just how confusing and frightening this experience can be. In the moments after an accident, your mind is racing and you have a hundred questions from am I alright to how much is this going to cost?

Auto accidents big or small can take a large financial (not to mention mental, physical and emotional) toll on all parties involved . They can be extremely expensive when adding up all the factors or a damaged or totaled vehicle, medical bills and time off work for recovery. In this frightening time, it’s common for victims to look to their insurance adjuster for help and guidance, but more often than not, this is not a good idea. Insurance adjusters may seem genuinely concerned for your well-being, but it’s often a facade and they are actually choosing their words very carefully in order to get you to saying something that will hurt your personal injury case down the road. Their main goal after an auto accident is to make sure the insurance company pays as little as possible, so it’s imperative that car crash victims are prepared for this difficult situation.

This is why Phoenix Car Accident Attorneys Curiel & Runion published the Ten Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use to Deny Claims (and the ten worst offenders) on their website. So people like you and me can be better prepared in this confusing and terrifying situation.

This article was written by Carli Leavitt. Carli handles outreach and public relations for Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm Curiel & Runion.

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