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Addicted to Sugar?

In my nutrition practice I see many people who have a hard time getting off sugar.  Sugar can suppress the immune system, sugar can cause tooth decay, sugar can decrease in insulin sensitivity, it can contribute to osteoporosis, can weaken eyesight, can cause copper deficiency, can cause hyperactivity, can cause anxiety, difficulty concentration, sugar can upset the mineral relationships in the body, sugar can decrease growth hormones, sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein, can cause food allergies, sugar can contribute to diabetes, sugar can cause atherosclerosis, sugar lowers the enzymes ability to function, sugar can damage the pancreas, it is the #1 enemy of bowel movement, sugar can cause depression, sugar can lead to the formation of kidney stones, sugar feeds cancer, sugar can increase the amount of food that you eat and if you haven’t guessed;


There are many other things sugar does, to many to write.  Get off refined sugar.  You will be better off.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC