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Nutrition and Health

Earlier we talked about how chiropractic can influence good heath, but that is not the only way to obtain great health.  It may seem obvious, but food has a profound impact on our health.  The challenge is that food is not made to keep us healthy.  It is made for shelf-life and price control.  Most of our foods are empty calories, keeping us hungry to eat more.  Yes, these empty foods taste great ( french fries, fried foods, etc.) but they do nothing to help keep us healthy.  Instead they create a constant need to eat, resulting in the vast majority of our population to suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart problems and an overall problem of ill-health.  In our nutrition program we monitor our patients with a daily nutrition diary with our goal to not go from a poor diet to a totally sugar free, trans fat free diet immediately, but to gradually improve their diet.  I find that with this program, it is easier for patients to stay on a more improved diet.  With this improved eating habits and our whole food supplements, our patients are greatly improving their health and well-being.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC