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Exercise and Health

This is the 3rd installment of Health and Chiropractic:

We are always told that exercise is good for you, but no one tells us which ones and how much.  When I was younger, as with most people, I could do any type of exercise and feel fine.  I would run, hit the weights, and my body would respond with my desired results.  But as I got a little older, I noticed this body of mine did not respond the way it used to.  My brain said let’s go, but the body said otherwise.  In my early 40’s I started boxing, which was a great cardio workout as well as building up my muscle tone.  I also like the physical aspect of getting in the ring, but the one thing I noticed was this body of mine could only take so much.  If I worked out more than 3 times per week, it was too much for my body and I became extremely sore.  So I settled in for workouts 3 times per week and enjoyed it.  But like many other people, life took over and I stopped the boxing.  I am turning 48 this year, and I decided I needed another intense workout program, so I started the Insanity program which requires you to work out daily for 6 days, rest on the 7th.  These workouts are generally 45 minutes long.  Well it did not take me long to realize that this body of mine would not recover like it used to.  I became very sore, and my body just did not respond like it used to.  What was happening, the mind said yes to the workout, but the body said no.  I thought to myself, is this what getting old feels like.  I am only 48!  I have decided that instead of the intense workouts, I am going to try yoga, stretching and start on a less intense workout.  So when thinking of a workout program for yourself, realize that your body changes as you age, and what you did years ago, might not be the best thing for you now.  So listen to your body, and you will greatly improve your health thru exercise.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC