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Patient Improvement on Nutrition!

This is a testimonial from SueAnn H. who provided this great letter to me on May 22, 2012.

When asked what she was like before she came to see us she states: “I was very depressed and wanted to sleep most of the time.  I was having problems with high blood pressure even after church which is supposed to be relaxing.  I am over weight which doesn’t help with any of these issues.”

“I started with the nutrition program on a Monday and went to see my general practioner on Friday for blood work.  I knew it wouldn’t be good.  The doctor told me when the test were back  in 2 weeks I would be put on another blood pressure medicine.”

“Just after a week on the nutrition program I had more energy and was up doing things around the house without a struggle.  I was also less depressed.  I continue to feel better, but the bonus was the following friday, when I got my Recheck at the G.P., I had lost 8 pounds and my blood pressure were so nice I didn’t need the extra medicine.”

It is so nice to see these amazing results that we are getting.  It is so simple.  So many people can be helped by what we are doing with our Designed Clinical Nutrition.  Call us at 520-290-8892 to attend our Nutrition Workshop.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC