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Your Body is Made to Heal

I am continually amazed at how the body has the unique ability to heal itself once we recognize the importance of good nutrition and whole food supplements.  Our bodies our made to heal with good foods, but since most of our food is robbed of the nutrients by heat processing, enzymes taken out for shelf life, and the removal of important vitamins and minerals.  Our bodies slowly lose their ability to restore normal function to its organs.  Once we change our diet and add “Whole Food Supplements” our bodies slowly regain their normal activity.

Here is a great example of the change that can be made.  Cliff Burnette stated that before seeing us he had lower back pain, severe congestion, and had been suffering with chronic diarrhea since 1996.  He also stated he had depression and insomnia.

Since being on our nutrition program for 7 weeks, he states:  “I have been seeing Dr. Aragon about 7 weeks now.  My congestion is pretty much gone.  Bowel movements are almost normal and I’m sleeping better and I am not depressed.”

This patient’s results are what we are seeing in our office by carefully monitoring their diet, finding out what organs are weak and giving them supplements to strengthen their bodies.

Call our office to attend our Nutrition Workshop at 520-290-8892.  You also can follow me on Twitter @DrRichardAragon.

Dr. Richard Aragon DC